Answered By: Rebecca Hyams
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Sometimes you may want to use questions provided by the publisher of the text you're using for your course. These instructions show how to load provided questions from McGraw-Hill, but the steps may be similar for other publishers.

  1. Access the Publisher’s Testbank and download the bank for your text
  2. If you haven’t done so, download and install TestGen
    1. This is required to reformat the questions to they work properly in Blackboard
  3. Launch TestGen
  4. To add a new Testbank, go File-> Add Testbank to Library
  5. On the left you’ll see any Testbanks you’ve loaded
  6. On the right, select Create New: Web Test
    1. The first time you do this it will ask what format to put the test in. Select Blackboard 6.x-9.x
    2. At the bottom you can check a box to make that your default option for creating Web Tests (you should check it)
  7. From here you can customize the questions you want to load by dragging them from the left side of the screen (Testbank) to the right (Web Test). You can also drag an entire chapter or chapters.

    1. (To make it easier to find questions in Blackboard after import, I recommend doing each chapter separately.)
  8. Once you have your questions in the Web Test, go to File->Export
  9. From the Export Exam To drop down, select Blackboard 6.x-9.x
  10. Enter a name and description (the name will appear in Blackboard after you load the questions)
  11. You’ll now be prompted to save your exported questions on your computer. Give the file a name and save it somewhere you’ll be able to find it again.
  12. Now go to Blackboard and go into the course where you’d like to load the questions
  13. On the left-hand menu under Course Management, go to Course Tools
  14. Towards the bottom of the list find Tests, Surveys, and Pools
  15. Select Pools
  16. Select Import Pool
  17. Select Browse My Computer and find the file you saved earlier from TestGen, then hit submit
  18. When it’s done importing you’ll see a message like this:
  19. Now you can use these questions for assessments!